I am Legion

The other famous John Emersons (besides myself) include John Emerson the founder of Emerson Electric, Dred Scott’s owner John Emerson, and John Emerson the husband of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes author Anita Loos of (though this “John Emerson” was a pseudonym). I have never though of Emerson as a common name, but it apparently is, and John Emersons are thick on the ground. I found 16 of us using Google and then quit looking.

I have been very successful in preserving my Google anonymity. My name rar ely appeas in the first 200 or so Google results, and the only photo on Google is of my alter ego Musorgsky.

John Emerson Cloud engineer

John Emerson Photographer

John Emerson Photographer

John Emerson Graphic designer

John Emerson Educationist

John C. Emerson Educationist

Dr. John F. Emerson MD, South Carolina

John F. Emerson, Esq. Lawyer, South Carolina

John Emerson Narc

Sheriff John Emerson Possibly fictitious Nevada Sheriff

John T. Emerson Buick salesman

John W Emerson Data scientist

John B. Emerson Former ambassador to Germany

John Emerson, Bell Labs scientist

John Emerson, Human Rights Watch

John Emerson Sinologist

Too many John Emersons to count

Author: John Emerson

An nescis, mi fili, quantilla prudentia mundus regatur.

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