The Difference Between Leopold Bloom and Fiorello LaGuardia was that LaGuardia wasn’t Catholic

When James Joyce arrived in Austrian-controlled Trieste in 1904 at the age of 22, the American consul thereabouts was future NYC mayor Fiorello LaGuardia, also aged 22, who remained at that post for another couple of years.

Like Leopold Bloom, LaGuardia was of Hungarian Jewish descent (on his mother’s side),and like Leopold Bloom, LaGuardia was raised as an Episcopalian. Bloom’s father had been converted to Irish Protestantism by The Society for Promoting Christianity Amongst the Jews,  an Anglican evangelical group, and the church he joined was the Anglican-affiliated Church of Ireland,  just as the church LaGuardia’s father joined in order to marry Leopold’s mother had been the Anglican-affiliated American Episcopal Church

But in order to marry Molly, Leopold had left the Church of Ireland to become Catholic which is something that LaGuardia, the son of an atheist, never did.

 Leopold Bloom was a Christian too.

La Guardia was born in Greenwich Village to an Italian lapsed-Catholic father, Achille La Guardia, from Cerignola, and a Triestine mother of Jewish Hungarian origin, Irene Coen Luzzato; he was raised an Episcopalian, despite being confirmed as a Jew by the Halakha, which decides who is a Jew or not. His middle name “Enrico” was changed to “Henry” (the English form of Enrico) when he was a child. He lived in Trieste, his mother’s hometown, after his father was discharged from his bandmaster position in the U.S. Army in 1898. La Guardia served in U.S. consulates in Budapest, Trieste, and Rijeka (1901–1906). Fiorello returned to the U.S. to continue his education at New York University.